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STEP 1 – Download and Install wasapevo | smsevo android app to your device: app has two versions, standard and business download and install them according to your needs



Remark: Make sure your device always wakeup | unlock to send bulk messages, change setting auto lock screen to 30 minutes whatsapp only ( minimize the wasapevo | smsevo app after this process)

STEP 2 – Get ready the excel file with phone number list and message reffer to the picture below:

Add country code infront of the phone number, for malaysia (country code is +6). DOWNLOAD EXCEL FORMAT HERE

STEP 3 – Login to the server wasapevo | smsevo from your browser using computer or mobile phone

Open Server and login to
Admin Dashboard https://wasapevo.com/app

Click Sender

Select Device

Upload excel file and done (before click the open button make sure your device is wakeup / unlock whatsapp only)


1. Make sure your phone does not sleep or gets turned off while using this WhatsApp blaster so that the wasapevo application can send all messages, if it gets turned off or goes to sleep during blast process then autosend does not work and message are stopped from being sent.
2. It is recommended to change your autolock /sleep phone settings from 15 seconds to 30 minutes if you want to blast messages with WhatsApp.
3. Make sure your phone does not connect to WhatsApp web to ensure auto send works properly.
4. The WhatsApp blaster app has two regular WhatsApp versions and WhatsApp business download please install them according to your needs
5. Make sure not to exceed 500 numbers a day for 1 phone if you want to send messages in bulk (Recommended 498 numbers a day to avoid being banned from WhatsApp)
6. Do not use the app to send bulk / bulk messages The function of the app is to detect the accessibility system in the phone to send messages automatically.
7. To send a message with WhatsApp blaster please follow these simple steps
i. Install the app, login and minimize
ii. Open the browser from your phone / laptop / computer, login to the server, click sender, select device and upload excel file
8. You can change the standard delayed message delivery 10 seconds per message, check in the profile section to change the setting “Delay Between Messages” to 2 seconds.
9. Can only send text messages & links. Photos & videos are not allowed at this time.
10. Use App Version 1.1 do not update to ver 1.1.6 if you updated, please uninstall and reinstall version 1.1
11. Your number is likely to be banned by WhatsApp if it violates the terms & conditions of sending their message. Here are the reasons why your number will be banned:
a) Send a message to the person who did not save your number
b) The recipient makes a spam report on the message you sent
c) Sending too many messages in a day using 1 phone
14. If you have any problems using mailevo such as not able to autosend, please clear the app cache or uninstall and reinstall and use as usual.
15. If the message was not sent successfully please check your dashboard click on failed message, select all messages, click resend until all messages are successfully sent.
16. To get a faster response please direct my chat on whatsaap if you face any difficulties.


1. Do not use your primary number. Use a backup number to avoid unwanted incidents.
2. Connect as much as possible phone (WhatsApp number) into the system for message delivery turn. This will prevent your number from being sent too often.
3. Enter the ‘profile’ and place a delay of 10 seconds to be safer.
4. Train your WhatsApp number for sending messages using the system. Start by sending 10, 20, 30 messages, then it increases every day.
5. Make sure you send a message to the number of prospects who only know you. Never spam.
You will receive access via email. Please check your email in the inbox and spambox section for login access. Make sure you receive 2 emails as follows:
If you can use the php programming language, you can download the following API source and use it in your website or project.